16 February 2016
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Top 7 Bootstrap Editors To Increase Your Work Productivity

Bootstrap is a great platform for easily hopping on to the new found love for mobile devices by developing fully responsive websites.

Though I am not trying to make you as lazy as a sloth, of chance was there an idea of not writing a single line of code ever crossed your mind. Tantalizing! Isn’t it.

Boom ! Bootstrap editors are at your service. Well, this is not a Deja vu, this is possible.

Bootstrap editors have streamlined the whole cumbersome process of making a prototype, usability testing and creating responsive websites. Each editor has its distinct features, but they ahead to one task and that is to smoothen the work process.

This blog is a curated list of, all the well known and most used Bootstrap editors that are trending in the market. All the editors are good in a different perspective, and it is depended on you to pick the one that matches your situation or requirement.

1) Brix

Brix is robust and sleek online builder for Bootstrap builder that empower the developers to develop responsive websites interfaces in an incredibly faster way. Brix renders you intelligible and well-formatted HTML, CSS & JS that you can use along with any of your hosting service as well as your editor.

Using this platform, you can create project along with your team members located at any demographic region of the earth. It fosters easy contribution as all the editors can concurrently edit and comment which adds to the efficiency of the program.

Tariff : $14.90 – $49.90 per month.



2) Easel

The easel is quite an incredible design tool make your projects, without running to and fro like a pendulum between your browser and text editor. It is powered by rapid prototyping method along with the additional ability to import elements if you already have a website.

Those who are already working on Bootstrap can make use of Easel to start your markup that directly goes to your website, or you can start away with Bootstrap easily as it renders a comprehensive group of components. It allows you to export even the complete document, or you can also pick up specific elements if you wish.

Tariff : Plans start at Free and go up to $99 per month for medium-sized teams.


3) Pinegrow

Pinegrow is another great app for several leading operating systems such as Windows, Mac, as well as Linux that allows you to create a mockup & render you a design web pages that run with speed along the facility of editing on the multiple pages, styling for CSS & LESS as well as intuitive components for all the major frameworks such as Foundation, Bootstrap, and others.

This stylesheet editor allows the developer to detach, attach, duplicate as well as reorder your stylesheets. Pinegrow does not overpower your workflow. Apart from streamlining your workflow, it is an incredible tool that saves the time and efforts spent in designing process.

Tariff : $49.95 for a one-time personal license.


4) Bootstrap ThemeRoller

Bootstrap ThemeRoller is quite a creating web app that allows the developers to create a Bootstrap theme of their own as it offers a visual interface for doing so. It allows you to pick your hues, fonts, size, buttons, forms, alerts, tables, menus, navigation bar, and more.

The app creates a URL, which is unique, and this will be for every style that you create, it also saves your settings which give you an interstice to take some time and then you can start over your customization from where you paused it. To witness the changes you made you can see it live and even download the final product in a ZIP file.

Tariff : Free

Bootstrap ThemeRoller


5) LayoutIt!

The best thing about LayoutIt is that it offers a drag-and-drop users interface that allows the developers a smooth front-end development which is the quickest way to development.

It comprises of all the component and element of Bootstrap which makes it easy for the programmers to carry on the process of coding quite easily, and the icing on the cake is that you do not need to be a JavaScript, CSS3 or HTML expert.

LayoutIt! Allows easy integration process irrespective of the programming language you are using; all you need to do is to download your HTML and begin with your design process. To commence with the process, you need to choose templates —beginner, basic marketing — and start with a template that can be customized easily as per your requirement.

Tariff : Free



6) PaintStrap


PaintStrap is another beautiful theme for Bootstrap powered with COLOURLovers or Adobe Kuler. To begin, you need to enter a permalink URL or the ID of your color scheme theme, and then comes the specific elements such as navigation, text, background, buttons, and links whose color needs to be changed.
After completing these steps, you can even create CSS of the page as a ZIP of all the pages, and you can do it in a complete theme or on an individual basis. It allows you to share the color scheme you made in the picture gallery, or if you like anyone else’s them, you can download it as well.

Tariff : Free



7) BootUI


BootUI is another Bootstrap editor for which you need not have a grasp of technical skills such as HTML or CSS, along with this it comes with a lot of responsive design templates. It is quite easy to start your development procedure; all you need to do is to select the desired template and if you wish to edit it just click on the content. You can even work on it without internet connectivity, do not charge for the updates and offers 24 responsive templates to the users.
This Bootstrap editor allows you to see the changes made using its real-time preview. To get the Bootstrap template of your choice all you need to do is to send simply an email to BootUI and the team will get you a responsive template to get you one without having to pay an additional cost.

Tariff : Free trial and $49.95 to purchase


About the guest author:

Maria Mincey, Software developer at Xicom Technologies software development company. They deliver comprehensive web applications and solutions for different industry verticals.