10 February 2017
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3 Essential Elements to Build an Effective Mobile App Strategy

Few years ago, mobile was called the future of marketing. Now, it is no more the future but the present. Nowadays, mobile apps have become as essential to businesses as oxygen is to the living creatures. Market experts are expecting that in the year 2017, almost 25% of online retail can be found to be […]

16 October 2015
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Increasing Popularity Of Wearables In The Enterprise

There are no confusions regarding the fact that by the year 2018, wearable devices including the head-up displays, smartwatches, smartglasses, biometric devices and activity trackers would become a $12 billion industry. It is worth noting that these wearables would be serving as excellent platforms for instant business innovation. The only thing that’s required is to […]

9 October 2015
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11 Qualities of outstanding Mobile Apps from Startup Tech Companies

As the technology evolutionary path leads us to the mobile age, the most outstanding developments are the ones that can be fit in/on a smartphone. New companies and startups are focussed on building and promoting mobile only products, whereas the conventional ones are looking for innovative ways to bring their product and services to the […]