9 October 2015
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11 Qualities of outstanding Mobile Apps from Startup Tech Companies

As the technology evolutionary path leads us to the mobile age, the most outstanding developments are the ones that can be fit in/on a smartphone. New companies and startups are focussed on building and promoting mobile only products, whereas the conventional ones are looking for innovative ways to bring their product and services to the mobile platform.

qualities of mobile app development for startups

Mobile applications are the most common channel of growth for startup tech companies. However, to be successful, not only in terms of number of downloads, but also the number of happy and consistent users, they must pay heed to some very important qualities.

Irrespective of what industry or business model you have, you must ensure that your mobile application has these qualities in order to seal success.

It must be platform appropriate

An app that is optimized for the mobile user, takes advantage of the innate features of the smartphones and tablets. Moreover you must ensure its compatibility and functionality for all brands and devices.

Ensure an interactive design

Mobile app UI designs don’t give much room to work with, As a developer has to design for smaller screens and much smaller attention span, the design must work in sync with the user’s speed of thought. An ideal interface is one which is simple for novices without making it too boring for experienced ones.

And lack of screen space does not negate the need for a good interaction design.

The prime aspects of good interactive design are :

  • It is goal driven

As a UI developer you have to design for the right user, therefore an extensive user research helps in creating a persona of those people who will be using the app. This gives you precise goals for them and tailor your app (and workflows) accordingly.

  • Usability

If they can’t easily use it, they will uninstall it. Usability goes a long way in making an app useful. And useful, is desirable.

  • Signifiers

Users must not have to think what each UI element does. You must use signifiers accordingly. Ex: blue underlined text means that upon clicking it, user will navigate to another page.

  • Learnability

Users must know how to use an app interface in a short span of time, without training. It has to be instinctive. Familiar design patterns help users get accustomed to the app.

  • Response

Users must know that their task was complete. It can be accomplished through a beep, a text prompt or something complex like a modal window. A developer must ensure that their response is beautiful and quick.

Beauty matters

Anyone who says otherwise is fooling themselves. You app MUST look amazing. There are many great apps , which are awesome in terms of idea and functionality, but have faltered because they did not look interesting and beautiful enough. An ideal app is packaged in a fully branded, color and eye-catchy way.

Ease of use

Users must not face any hassles in installation, access and overall use. Otherwise they part ways with your app, even after downloading. One must plan out on how they think their app must work, and spend time in making it as simple and smooth as possible.


One must do a thorough research on what is available in the market and their competition. It’s no use making an app that is just a modified copy of some other application already available in the market. Ensuring that your idea is unique enough to stand on it’s own is the first and foremost practise in ensuring success.

Creating an impression

The application must be memorable to an extent that the user should be left with an imprint in their mind. You must employ all possible design, wording and interfacing propagandas and techniques to ensure that your user does not forget the awesome experience they have had on your mobile application.


The most common feature of highly successful mobile applications is that they are easily shareable. Moreover, users are rewarded as they share the application in their social circle. This feature ensures wider outreach and higher number of downloads.


Your app must be designed in such a way that it is accessible for short bursts of user activity. Apps that are usable only in long drawn out sessions generally do not do well in the market. You must understand that the mobile users are short of time and an even shorter attention span.

Cost effective

This is the most basic aspect and can be easily understood. A good idea is to roll out a free version of your app so that users have an experience of what the big show (after the in-app purchases) would look like.

The target demographic

This is the point where most app marketers and developers fail. The more targeted or user specific your app is, the more likely it will succeed. You must keep in mind that not everyone out there wants to buy your application. Find out, focus and build for those, who you think will want (and benefit from) your app the most.


In order to meet all the requisites, and best practises, you must not neglect the “fun factor” in your application. In addition to fulfilling its prime function, an ideal application entertains its audience as well and keeps them engaged.

Concluding thoughts :

Most startup tech companies who roll out amazing apps, have mastered the recipe and are thoroughly abide by these 11 principles. If they are prominent in your app as well, we are sure you will be on a good path to mobile app success.

Wishing the best for your mobile app endeavours.

About the Author: Addison Cohen is a mobile app developer working with Appsted Ltd. You can contact him if you want to hire iPhone app developer for the development of the most comprehensive mobile application solutions. He loves sharing latest information on mobile technologies like iOS and Android development processes.