16 June 2015
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Running an online store? 10 free Magento themes for you to check out

Do you have an eCommerce business idea or do you wish to take your store on web but the costly outlay on custom eCommerce development has clutched you from moving further?

This is the major issue which most of the organizations are facing. No worries! As we now have brilliant customizable themes for Magento for each and every kind of business which offers conducive environment for a wholesome web store. Let’s check out!

1. Clothes Store- Free Magento 1.9 Template


If you own an apparel brand or store, then this is one of the best free Magento template for you. It’s powerful set of features induces great sense of style and functionalities to your web store. Using this particular theme you can leverage it’s many functionalities such as parallax scrolling, sliders of 100% width, animated pictures and images. Now with Google’s new algorithm known as Mobilegeddon, responsive has become the new standard for web development. Consequently, it is one of the prime requisite for sustenance in the web development world for each and every web site, be it an eCommerce store or an online newspaper. With this theme you can make your eCommerce store responsive, which means it can easily adjust to the any device irrespective of its screen size or resolution.

2. Wine Store : Free Magento 1.8 Bootstrap 3.0 Template


Wine is made across various parts of the world and thus a Wine web store can work as a good medium for wine sellers as well as lovers. Wine sellers can sell their wine to various people living across different demographic region on this globe. This Magento based theme is one of the most supple and popular eCommerce platform for wine sellers which is available for free. Using this theme you can deal with the nitty gritties of a real eCommerce online store.

3. SM Glasses : Free Magento Theme


Now for store owners who sell glasses, crockery, watches and jewelry, we have SM Glasses, which is a free Magento theme which offers Black and white background. This theme was released for Magento Community Edition 1.7.x and offers responsive web design layout.

4. mMagezon – Free Amazon Like Magento Theme


For those business owners who opine that “simplicity is the best marketing policy” and do not believe in ostentations and marketing gimmicks, we have mMagezon which is an Amazon’s look alike Magento theme. It’s plain theme works as it’s USP, as this lays more focus on products and helps to bring efficiency in the functional modules. More importantly, it helps the customers to easily sway through your web store because of it clear layout. Mmagezon’s responsive version is available for free download.

5. HelloWired


Though a weired name, but HelloWired is a free responsive Magento theme which can help business owners to augment their business conversions by taking it online. This theme offers some great features which one can further explore with their creativity. Business owners who wish to keep their websites simple and want their new web store to be slick can go for this theme.

6. MA2 Ante : A Multi Purpose Theme


For those entrepreneurs who have a wide range of product listing, it becomes difficult to find a tailor made theme. Wherefore, they only have an option to go for custom eCommerce development which I think will lead to extortionate spending. Thus, if you have a business plan like this you can certainly opt for MA2 Ante. This free design theme will suit any eCommerce store, as it offers a very lucid layout which is based on modern design pattern. Further, the theme also fosters innovation with extremely new features and you can leverage numerous options for customizing your store as per your wish.

7. Watch Store : Magento Template for watch sellers


For business owners who sell watches and other electronic products, Watch store is a pretty decent option for them . This is a free theme for Magento theme 1.5.x. The theme is built using contrasting colors which leads to more effective display of products. You can also make use of the sliders to display the discounts or other offers offering personalized coupons. This theme is compatible with 1.5.x and 1.4.x versions of Magento.

8. Grayscale Shop


Now for vendors who are into electronic or computer products and also into gadgets can opt for Grayscale Shop. This is a Magento template which is available for free. It provides extremely competent features which includes a manageable slider for your web store’s home page, side bar for shopping cart, block for customer service, sing-up for newsletter, Up-selling and cross selling, product display on home page.

9. mApple


In order to make your customer’s visit on your web store a joy ride you can choose mApple. It is a free Magento theme template which let’s you display the products in the middle of the pages and bisects the screen into two functional modules. It further allows highly customizable other pages and also provides banners of good aesthetic value.

10. Bluescale Free Magento Template


Bluescale is a free Magento template which is under an unported license of a Creative Commons Attribution3.0. Though you can customize it as per your needs but you need to keep the footer link which links to the owners. It is a highly competitive Magento theme for shop owners selling products for infants, babies and kids such as toys, games, puzzle books, kids stationery and décor products for kids room. In the header of the theme you will get a quick access and a box for customer service with round edges. Further, you get two columns for page layout, a slider for images and a JavaScript featured display.

With such a cut throat competition in this web world this is very important for business owners to choose the best option for their business especially the most budget friendly one. Every development methodology has its own positives and negatives which can not be replaced. So, finding the best fit for your business can be an uphill task. I hope this might help you to get a closer look to the technology.

For further questions you can drop us your comments!

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Isabella Morris is currently employed with a renowned Magento development company and is also engaged in writing informative articles on best tools and tricks for Magento development. Her write-ups have proved beneficial for a wider group of Magento developers across the globe.